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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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demand particularly as we successfully sail through our species experiences with america's -- in the next years or so. the foundation of the maritime business is the services that attract boats and ships and keeps us going in business. but commuter ferries and excursions are really kind of the core business of the port's maritime sector. if you take a look at it. we average, we carry on average 3.2 million ferry passengers annually these are commuter passengers moving between home and work expense and is we transport over 3 million excursion passengers annual low people looking at
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sites alcatraz and golden gate bridge. and then we see international cruise ships that alleged violentors to and from the port and crews members aboard those ships speak to our ferry services, you're, our ferry services operate chiefly out of the downtown ferry terminal behind the ferry building. they also operate out of peer 39, and 41 in the north. the gate b number downtown ferry terminal is for the north bound lanes such as value lay hough and gate e is for ala immediate a eoakland and island services blue and gold fleet does the operation and is the maintenance of all of these vessels and they will be describing that activity to you
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in a moment here . >> in addition, to that, we also have the ferry landing at china basin and on average that is home game ain ten dance is dwayned to and from the ballpark by ferries. and with that, we would like again to bring forth, carolyn or began, she is the president of blue and gold fleet and they will she'll be able to give us a better insight and explanation on how important the ferry and excursion services are to the port and bay of san francisco. >> commissioners and director moyer, good afternoon. thank you for giving me the at some point to give you a little i am insight to blue and gold fleet.
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i would like to start out with a brief history of blue and gold fleet. blue and gold has been a port tenants when the found ore deer recognized the opportunity that existed to operate excursions and cruises. the first set sail from peer 39 and blue and gold expanded into the community computer service in 1931 the service started after the lulla competer earthquake in 1939 and was the beginning of the resurgence in 87. and the service started in 86 when marine world moved to value lay hough when the services conceived it was thought that the traffic would be from --
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the unanticipated service was a healthy commuter market with passengers commuting to their jobs in san francisco. blue and gold acquired most of the crawllies red and white fleet which included the alcatraz service and ang gel island and sauce leet toe [spelling?] and in addition, to the peer 41 the marine terminal at pier 41 was part of the acas i say and in 2,007 the blue and gold receive the iso31 in service and the safety management service was certified by the america bureau of service and this is was a huge complicate for the company. one that everyone contributed to. and it brings us to 2012 under the contract blue and gold
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operates and maintains 11 vessels owned by l e t ta and blue and gold operates clues and is maintains nine vessels four of these vessels are capable of speeds of 40 naughts, they are hain contained in value lay oh, by blue and gold employee and is so successful are in the ala media oakland and harbor bay and the newest san francisco ferry service and the remaining eight are operate in the excursion business bay reuses, charters and our rocket boat we operate to tib bureau ron, angel island and our commuter ferry service to tib bureau ron and the 15 services are all maintained by blue and gold feet employees at
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our pier nine facility in san francisco. i don't believe this slide needs much explanation these are the public agencies who over see our operations as you can see, we get a lot of help. every from the port to fish and game and i believe we have a good relationship with all of the agencies since we abide and understand that each agency has a job do and performs a service to the public. blue and gold employs 250 employees during the peak season and one 75 employees year round, we have a diverse workforce and are proud of providing a an atmosphere for quloiys to reach their potential and we have a numerous employees that have started as photographers and have become captains and we
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believe promoting from within and our workforce is a testament to that belief. the masters and piles you know represent our captainses engineer and is ticketing staff as well as the deck hand who work on excursion and rocket boat services and many start working at blue and gold in different capacities but became captains and achieves their goals and are operating the most sophisticated passenger vessels in the worm and due to their expertise, we are able to make repairs without calling in an outside vendor's deer this is a saving to blue and gold as well to vetta and we have a strong and positive relationship with both of our unions. the inland vote's you know represent the deck hands on all vessels when used in ferry operations
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and the value lay hoe service right to remain silent the deck hands -- the in a high standard due to the complexities and speed of the vessels these deck hands are certified as high speed qualified senior deck hands and on other services the -- extensive training and crew management, cpr and first-aid as with the m m p, we have worked collaboratively with the iv um, when there are issues of mutual concern to us. best management practices are important to us, we emphasize trecking the environment, the through quality equipment, maintenance and training we operate our vessels and facility in his way that best protects the environment and employee and is rereduce the hazard doubts ways through recognized best
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management practices, blue and gold peer frean marine terminal and pier 49 were the first facilities certified clean and green by the city and county department of the environment. pier 41 is located in the heart of fisherman's whaf and is determine in about for the blue and gold vessels and ferries from tub bureau ron and sauce leet toe and angel likelihood dock at pier 41 and americanners can arrive from one distinguish nation and seemlessly transfer to a ferry for another and at peer 41 vessels can dock simultaneously and ensures that vessels depend and arrive on time shively and efficiently and this is important as a lot of passengers rely on the vessels for work. and there is an under
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ground 10,000-gallon fuel contagious critical in an emergency as we are able to store fuel there for ten days of continuous prayings in 2012, peer 41 is expected to generate $8.2 million in sails and $65 million in rent to the port. blue and gold excursion and rocket boat services operate from pier 39 and there are four births at pier 39 which can be used for some of the smaller vessels $622,000 will be paid to the worth port from revenue generate from this facility: we just signed a fooive year least with the port for pier 19. these are critical for our operations. there is a welding
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shop, machine shop, storage for spare parts and equipment need today make repairs there are two docks where both can be excused while repairses are made or to lay up while they are not in operation and blue and gold is expected to pay the port one $55,000 in rent in 20 if we will 20/20 12 for our pier nine facility. while ala media and oakland services use gate e. blue and gold operates ferries from value layer row and allay media to at&t partial and this service has been incredible pap more he especially this year with the giants success. in january blue and gold was awarded the water transportation authority
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contract under this contract we operate ferries to value layer row and ala media and so fraction and we work with the w ta to not only bring terminals to the ferry building but passengers to pier 41. this is a huge opportunity for blue and gold fleet and we have the personality, expertise to fulfill all of the obligation and responsibilities of the contract. p in total. blue and gold is projected to pay one.twoi w2 million-dollar to the point. a growth of 20% infinite ferry market and eight% in the excursion market and we are prat proud of our complicates and could not have done it without the hard work
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and loyalty of our employee and is in the next five years we feel that ferry rider ship has tremendous potential for growth with the support of wetta the industry will see significant growth in ferry operations in expansion of roots and services the company is always on the lo man where is many? do we need many? are you ready? yeah. move that we reconvene in open session, second all in favor? aye and move that we not disclose-second. all in favor aye and move that we adjourn in memory of francis alwrote oh, steve chew john tell at a wallet tear newman. second may they rest in pees. meeting adjourned at 713 prime minister.
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merry christmas and happy new year. the term sheets for these projects are expected to be -- by the port commission by 2013 and then off to the board of supervisors for term sheet consideration and possible endorsement and then each of the project would be subject to their own set of transaction document and is so these are
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proposals only just for the public's benefit. lot 337 and pier 48 in the port's exclusive negotiating agreement with sea wall lot sociabilities affiliated with the san francisco giant, this slide shows is that the area that we are conceiving of the certainty lot a in mission bay was previously a from the period between 1905 and fine 26 it started to be used for what he will use and that is one of the things that drove the filming along the san francisco water front. this is the film today and you will see it in yellow and it really stands out as one of the areas that needs attention in mission bay. as the as you heard so eloquently
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from david port staff isel contempt plating the develop of this park and the earn part of eastern part of city was cut off from bay access and so this is one of the a pennities that we strive to provide and so this development is contemporary plating 3.5 million square feet of mixed use development and unto a thousand unit of residential and up to one .7 million square feet of commercial office space with ground floor retail and approximately 2800 to 3,000 parking spaces with over 8pm acres of parking space and the proposed plan to to be flexible
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and this is a phase development that will happen as early as 20 scene, 207 in the initial phase and it's hard to tell now what the right mix of office vs. residential is so the zone something proposed to be flexible to respond to different market conditions. this china basin park proposals is one of the reasons why the giants the sea well lot 337 llc., proposal is receiving such positive tension it's because of the attention they have given to the design of this water front open space. it would be 5-acres the costs are high. we are looking at entirely newue tillity infrastructure new streets, sidewalks sidewalks and park locate and is improvements to pier 48 currently estimates at over $2 million in current
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$2,012 and this infrastructure is really needed to unlock the value of this site for the port and for development. very significant this would be an entirely new city neighborhood with significant economic development for the city as a whole and 5,000 construction jobs and over 7,000 permanent jobs on the site and 10,000 jobs regionally with up to 2,000 new residents so erail mentioned the fiscal analysis that we would do through fiscal feasiblable report to the board of supervisors prior to environmental review and the draft fiscal feasiblability for this probability indicates a 9 million-dollar tax benefit to the city after the cost of the city services and this is after netting out the property tax
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increment that we would capture through the i f b and so this is really coming from gross receipts tax and sales tax and other tacks that would continue to flow to the general fund. and elane mentioned the idea of excess tax increments and after the project needs are paid there is up to one $.6 billion paid in excess taxes generated from this site. pier 70 is a bit more complicated in that it's divided into a number of districts and a master plan starting in 2,007 and the commission chose to let out pourings of this site in sort-of a segmented manner and the water personal property site is the site under contract for a city development or in development is managing the rehabilitation of the historic buildings along 20th street, we
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have our ship repair under least and you have heard david talk about cran copark. four city's this the process of doing due diligence for the property right now and they are concerned that it's sea level rise and the city's team will be consulting with the chief hash engine here about raising the grade of this site so it's not subject to innonedation in the future. very interesting engineering constraints at pier 70 there were slip ways built by the federal government to facility ship repairs and it's difficult to buildbled on those and that is blue line that you see here and that is demarks the only shore line and everything bay ward from that line requires pile support and there is a risk
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of lateral spread and major earthquake and to there is a need to reinforce the shore line so it doesn't slough off in the bay and an earthquake. and these are the water lines that are out of the known water lines that are out of the site and for city proposes to install entirely new water infrastructure at the site and the same goes for waist water form water facilities and all of it needs to be relace and had they are looking at one $56 million of at the moment infrastructure cost and is potentially an additional $90 million for historic rehabilitation costs at the site and so finally, the warriors project in piers 30 and 32 and
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a lot of it -- in the public eye and the site is currently-15 -acre and the pier is near it is end of life and we have some road restriction on the site and limiting use and if we were just to contemporary plate we moving this, it would cost $45 million. and the warriors have hired a team of a commons who have gone to produce conceptual design for this site and they are looking at multipurpose venues for basket ball games, public concerts, convention use, with 60% of the site dedicate to open space and a combination of retail uses and practice courts and parking covering the rest of the site and this is the concept
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of what it would look like and this is being published in the paper and so the major a major terms is that the ports would finances these improvements and they would look up to 120 million here with a 13% of capital and the city would repay that private investment and publicly owned pier through rim credit and the price of c o l lot 33 and that is an increment from an i f d and those would be the soles and again, almost a billion dollar on it's own and generates more than 2500 construction jobs and 1700 jobs with great fiscal board of trustees to the city of posh 19.4 million in total tax receipts.
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so that conclude the presentation as we are scheduled go back to the committee to seek a vote on this policy later in december, the plan if the commission has no other changes that we should contemporary plate and incorporate in the policy would be to then bring the policy to the board of supervisors for a vote by the board and we think at the staff level it's very important for the capital planning committee and the board of supervisors to establish this before the individual projects propose the i f d and so that concludes our presentation any questions we are available to answer them. >> is there any public comment on this item? seeing none ... thank you for all of the work that has gone into this and for explaining what one of the very difficult
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concepts so well and so thank you, i think it's a creative pyo to us given who has happened in terms of porn funding option for this prolong and so i just want to say thank you and looking forward to see iting as it shapes up. i'm very ri happy that you report and very re34 row and effort you come up here you make it simple and it's very complex and i'm understanding it and so i appreciate you making it simple so we can grass it so thanks. >> items four a requests to execute an amendment to the actech tour and to the joint vek tune of b as architect and follow along architecture in association with bar knell low and to increase the amount of
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contract to in $9,950,000 not to compete $97,718 which consists of an increase for phase two project construction administration service and is added services for pier 27 and james terminal and northeast project and 'em bark dare row on lumbar street and expend the term to december 2014 and request authorization to execute an amendment to general amendment contract and construction expect. to company. from steen 19,000 to an amount not to compete 100,880,000 and one $62 and furthermore increase the contractamount and if needed to
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unanticipated contingencies for a total authorization and four in this action thoughts and 200 to fund the phase two project construction and expend the project to december 312014 and execute an amendment of understanding with the san francisco department of public workers to increase the millimeter o u funding from the existing not to the exceed $7,078,267 to an amount not to compete $9,714,075 which consists of one million 936,228 there is for phase two for project management service and is to extent the prjt to december 31 st. december 14 i. long
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. >> judge good evening commissioners and executive directors my name is kim and project director and i'll summarize the two scope and accomplish this work. the elane forks and who will present the budget and funding for bill work for the cruise terminal with the removal of the shore power -- on pier 27 she had -- constructionle steel made in the united states and fabricated in fresno commenced in early june and was topped off in joule and since that time the building envelope --. >> many would you please come put the slides up? sorry kim but we are standing at me amy and eileen ...
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. >> so with the short power system of the stem litigation of the short power she had and 50 tons of the structured she had fact indicate indicated in the united states in fresno and commenced in june and topped off in joule and since that time the building developed has been completed with the exception of the lobbienharborsure and the shore power system relocatedded one. second dare uses for this is special perspective it takes into consideration great views from the site and this is a picture of the site from the 'em bark dare row looking up north


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